You probably chose a Volvo wheel loader  because you wanted the best.  Only with Volvo attachments do you get what you wanted when you bought a Volvo in the first place – maximum productivity and uptime.  Different jobs require different attachments, and  Volvo is the wheel loader manufacturer with the most comprehensive range of attachments.  “Displayed attachments are available for several generations of Volvo wheel loader. Consult your dealer for specific availability”

The Volvo wheel loader attachments offer include:

General purpose bucket - Standard

General purpose bucket, made for all kind of jobs. L60–L350

General purpose bucket - Flat floor

Flat floor general purpose bucket, with a smooth, flat floor, good for maintaining a clean and level work area. L60–L150

Re-handling bucket

Perfectly optimized for handling, stockpiling and loading already processed material e.g. aggregate, sand. L110–L350


Rock bucket - spade nose

Heavy duty, wear resistant bucket. Optimized for primary loading of shot rock with highest penetration capability. L60–L350

Rock bucket - straight edge

Heavy duty, wear resistant bucket. Optimized for primary loading of shot rock with highest break out capability. L110–L350

Rock bucket - side dump

Heavy duty, wear resistant bucket for primary loading of shot rock with side  dumping and for tunnelling applications. L220–L350


High tip bucket - center cylinders

High capacity bucket versatile and light bucket for low density material, like grain, wood chips, etc. L60–L220

High tip bucket - side cylinders

High capacity bucket fully open  with no internal corners for low density material like refuse, compost, etc. L60–L220

Light material bucket

High capacity light material bucket for low density material, ~600 kg/m³, like grain wood chips, etc. L60–L220


Light material bucket 

High capacity bucket for low density materials, ~1 ton/m³, like coal, compost, snow etc. L60–L350

Light material bucket - refuse

Light material bucket specialized for recycling refuse and waste. L60–L220

Grading bucket

For topsoil stripping, small scale dozing, landscaping and leveling. L60–L120


Block handling - forks

Heavy duty forks, designed for lifting and moving blocks in quarry applications. L90–L350

Block handling - breaker tine

Single heavy duty fork tine for breaking out loose blocks in the face and moving heavy raw blocks. L150–L350

Block handling - clearing rake

Clearing rake for moving objects and clearing debris. L150–L350



Material handling arm

3 section material handling arm with telescopic sections. For laying pipe, placing concrete dividers, moving material quickly. L60–L220

Forks - combi with clamp

The combi fork is perfect for handling palletized or round wood in applications where the load must be secured. L60–L120

Forks - standard visibility optimized

The visibility optimized forks give the operator a clear view precision, control and productivity. L60–L110


Forks - lumber with back rest

Thin and durable fork tines for handling the stacks of planks. Extended back rest gives possibility to take several stacks. L60–L120

Grapple - General Purpose

All-round log grapple for handling and sorting short wood or tree length stems. Can also grip single stems.. L60–L220

Grapple - sorting

Log grapple especially made for sorting and loading logs in stacks or in bunkers. L60–L220


Grapple - unloading

Excellent log grapple for unloading timber from trucks. L60–L220

Attachment bracket - standard

The most commonly used attachment bracket in the world, invented by Volvo, proven in use for decades and standardized by ISO. L60–L120

Attachment bracket - large loaders

Well known and trusted interface for large loaders, proven in use for several decades on Volvo loaders. L150–L220


Attachment bracket - block handling

Optimized for block handling and allows fast, easy and safe interchangeability between different block handling attachments. L350

Volvo Teeth and adapters

Volvo Construction Equipment propose a wide range of Teeth and adapters for fewer worries and higher profitability.




Whether you buy it new or used, rent it or lease it, Volvo Attachments for wheel loader  are ready to help operators do more work each day, in a wide range of applications.